HTM Travel 
The Hellenic Travel Consultant

If Greece is your Destination
 We'll make it the dream of your life!!!!

 HTM Travel                                                          The Hellenic Travel Consultant

Who We Are.Company's approach and philosophy.

HTM Travel Consultant.-Travel Councelor -Tour Operator

Specializing in Greece as a Destination.

 We travel together  with our clients-We keep close to our clients needs.

 The experience gained being in the travel industry for more than 25 years gave us the initiative of making the one  step ahead and creating HTM Travel Consultant.

Travelling together with clients and being close to their needs contributed in seeing the practical part of a tour and getting to know all the ?know how?s ? of making each trip a wonderful memory.

 We appeal to a great variety of tours and various types of travel. We appeal to traveller?s that visit Greece for the first time but also to the one?s that have already visited Greece and would like to come again and see a different  side of the country.

 We insist in good customer service, either it?s  leisure or business travel and from special interest travel to tours off the beaten track.

 We can craft travel for travelling is our lifetime experience.

 Quality , respect  and a better understanding for our clients needs is our goal.

We function with flexibility  and an open mind. Innovation and progress is something  of great importance to us.

Either it's travel the classical way either it's travel different we stand out  for our clients.And above all the personal touch and the personal contact with our clients, is what creates our more human than business approach, making our business stand and prosper.




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